Honda GHX50 Motorized Bike Engine Review

HONDA GXH50 is a motorized bicycle engine model manufactured by one of the worlds leading engine manufacturer Honda. It starts up very easily with a nice sound and causes very little vibrations as compared to other models. It has a wide range of operation, operating between 4000 to 8000 rotations per minute (rpm). It has a good centrifugal mechanical governor to maintain a safe operating rpm and the engine also an idling speed which can be brought up or down to achieve the desired performance.


- The GHX50 is fuel efficient with a high turnout operation. HONDA GXH50 uses precision camshaft complete with 15.88 mm (5/8”) shat design with OHV (overhead valve) for elevated efficiency and maximum fuel transfer. Its torque has a high compression ratio of about 8:1.

- The engine operates with very little vibrations which is possible due to the quality engineered components with a ball bearing supported shaft for stability.

-Honda GHX50 produces a smooth sound and it is generally very quiet. It has a large multi chamber exhaust system with advanced air intake system. It is also made of lesser materials making it lightweight and therefore minimizes noise.

-Easy maintenance practices as the critical parts are accessible with large fuel tank. The instructions that come with the package are also very simple to follow.

-The engine starts easily with the strong recoil starter and an automatic mechanical decompression system.


- Honda GXH50 is an Air cooled 4-Stroke Overhead valve type of an engine.

- The bore by stroke measures 41.8mm X 36mm.

- It has a displacement volume of 49.4 cm3.

- Overall power output of the engine is 2.1 HP (1.6 kW) ranging between 4000 rpm to 8000 rpm.

- Net torque of 2.0 lb-ft (2.7 Nm) in about 4500 rpm.

- It has Float type carburetor and transistorized magnets ignition system.

- Uses recoil start system.

- Uses centrifugal mechanical governor system.

- Uses unleaded 86 octane or higher rank fuel.