Tanaka 40 CC Motorized Bike Engine Review

It is a PureFire Utility Engine Model PF-4000 40cc. this engine is specially designed with high quality materials which are long lasting and allows quick starting. Tanaka PureFire 40cc Two Stroke engine is a product of Tanaka Power Equipments Company based in the USA. This company is one of the giant companies in the world that deals with motorized bicycle engines. The engine comprises of Tanaka Exhaust Gasket PureFire Engine Model. This is the one which is responsible for minimal noise.


- The engine is lightweight, very Powerful and compact. The materials used to build this are of high quality and very light and are the ones responsible for its long lasting nature.

- Multi-position operation. Tanaka 40 cc engine can operate positioned at different bicycle areas. These areas may include the carrier of a bicycle, in between the frame or any other convenient place.

- This engine will work in these positions well.


- The engine has chrome cylinder plating.

- It has two Ring Pistons.

- It has a consumption capacity (Displacement) of 40.

- It’s Bore by Stroke measures 39.8 mm X 32 mm.

- The engine has a compression ratio of 7.2:1.

- Its maximum torque is 0.21 (1.5) occurring at 5500 rpm.

- Its Idling Speed ranges from 2800 to 3200.

- It Recoils in the clockwise direction.

- It has a clutch diameter of 78 mm.

- This engine weighs 8.2 Lbs which is equivalent to 3.7 KGs.

- The engine uses CJ8Y Spark Plug and Transistor Controlled Ignition (TCI) system.

- The engine dimensions are (171 X 256 X 270) mm which is L X W X H.

- The engine fuel capacity – FL OZ. (CC): 1000 (33.8).