Custom Motorized Bicycles!

Welcome! We feature reviews of 100s of custom motorized bicycles including BMW motor bikes, electric motor bicycles, Subaru, Honda, Mitsubishi, Tanaka motor engines, Cagllari, Tomahawk, Grand Prix, G Wheelman and Blade pocket bikes, etc.

We will install a motorized bicycle forum very soon; in the meantime feel free to check out reviews of motorized bike parts such as Clutch, Cylinder Head Gasket, Dual Brake and Throttle, Exhaust Muffler, Piston rings, etc.

Are you in to Vintage motorized bicycles? We feature reviews of the 1903 Ridley or the Twin Ridley Motor bike. Here’s a new project we are working on; reviews of 13 latest Yamaha Motorized Bicycles, stay tuned for more!